Nigerian singer, rapper, and songwriter Remilekun Abdulkalid Safaru, professionally known as Reminisce has entreated his colleague artistes to rearrange their philosophies for their children and the younger generation to emulate.

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During an Instagram live interview, the rapper said that his style of music has changed because he is now a father. Unlike before when he could practically say anything or do a song about something, now he can do that anymore.

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“I don’t want to think of what I did in the past, I am bothered about what I am doing right now. Even though I appreciate what I have put in the past. (The) music (industry) is large. Collaborations are very important. Rap is now a basic skill; everybody can rap.

“I always tell myself that the worst that can happen is failure. (And if that happens), I can try again. Introduce yourself to a new audience every day. I didn’t know the movie audience was large until I starred in ‘King of Boys. I am enjoying the fame. I didn’t know the market was this huge. I just stuck to rap music.

“One needs to evolve; if not one would be left behind. There are things in my old songs that I cannot say anymore. Because I have three daughters, it’s not cool to say those things anymore. One needs to grow and evolve. When one doesn’t grow with one’s fans, they would leave one behind.”

“I have met a lot of up-and-coming artists, who have talents and looks but their attitudes are not right. We mentioned earlier that talent is just 10 percent of what one needs these days. One needs other components to become a superstar. Having the right attitude is one of them. Fireboy (who I recently worked with) has the right attitude,”

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