Ian Keasler Biography; Net Worth, Movies, Brandon Lee, Hawaii Five O And Wife Shannon Lee

Ian Keasler is a renowned American art dealer and lawyer but popularly known as the husband of a Hollywood darling girl and daughter of Bruce Lee, Shannon Lee.

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Ian Keasler Biography

Famous American art dealer and legal practitioner born Anthony Ian Keasler but popularly known as Ian Keasler was born on 22nd August 1994. Ian Keasler keeps to himself, he is extremely private with his lifestyle as such not much is known about him. Ian Keasler is not active on any social media platform.

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Ian Keasler Net Worth

The exact net worth of Ian Keasler is not known however, reports are that Ian Keasler earns $400,000 annually. According to marriedbiography.com, Ian Keasler and his wife, Shannon Lee have an estimated net worth of $10 million.

Ian Keasler Movies

Ian Keasler is not an actor, and as such has not featured in any movie.

Ian Keasler and Brandon Lee

Many have been searching for the exact relationship between Brandon Lee and Ian Keasler. For starters, Brandon Lee is the only son of Chinese Martial arts expert, Bruce Lee and Linda Lee, making him a brother-in-law to Ian Keasler. Brandon Lee however like his dad died in a tragic accident while filming his breakthrough movie; The Crow.

Ian Keasler and Hawaii Five O

Many believe that Ian Keasler was a cast of the famous Hawaii Five O television series, however, Ian Keasler was confused with Ian Anthony Dale. In the series, Ian Anthony Dale played the role of Adam Noshimuri, the former husband of main character Kono Kalakaua.

Ian Keasler Wife Shannon Lee

Ian Keasler is married to Shannon Lee. Ian Keasler and Shannon Lee got married in the year 1994. Shannon Lee was born to Martial art expert, Bruce Lee and Linda Lee. Shannon Lee is an actress in the Hollywood movie industry and a famous television personality.

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