Doris Ogala has descended on Uche Elendu, as she has threatened to expose her lies following Uche’s claims that her shop was looted.  

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Uche Elendu was in the news not long ago, for sharing on social media, a post which explained how her acclaimed shop was allegedly looted and emptied by hoodlums amid the current SARS occurrences in Nigeria.

In her post, she explained how devastated and sad she felt for seeing her hard work go waste after such huge investments.

Doris Gala seems to have evidence against Uche as she dares to disclose the real owners of the shop because she knows them personally.

See photo of Uche’s post below:

Dris Ogala’s Post on her Instagram page reads:

Thank your stars say someone I know told me to pull it. @Ucheelendu I give you 1 minute to edit your post and out the rightful owners of that shop. Or I’ll post it to expose it.

“This is not nice, I know the owners of those shops. This is pure deceit. People should stop taking advantage of the situation. Ah ah. We lost a lot of people. Kindly mention the shop owners if not I will repost and expose it.”

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