Ghanaian hip hop star, Medikal has claimed that female rapper, Eno Barony, owes her recent spotlight to him. The male rapper says that his beef with her was an intentional move to draw attention to the upcoming female rapper.

According to him, the tweets which he targeted at Eno were part of a conscious effort to have people looking in her direction.

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Speaking on Accra-based radio station, YFM, Medikal said he had nothing against the rapper, describing their online altercations as “fun”.

“On Twitter, I was just bored so I was having fun. It was nothing personal, just me trying to have fun and trying to bring attention on her, trying to put light on her and let people know that she’s actually very good”, he said.

On the possibility of a collaboration, he had this to say;

“Everything is possible in this universe. I can’t say anything right now but obviously, as we are in this world and we can never predict tomorrow, it is possible that we can record songs together”.

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