Holden Fletcher Fraser: All What You Need To Know About Brendan Fraser’s Son

Holden Fletcher Fraser is the son of Canadian- American actor Brendan Fraser. He was born in 2004 in the United States to Afton Smith and Brendan Fraser.

Holden Fraser is attending a reputable school in his hometown. His parents divorced in 2008 and a court-ordered his father to pay an annual $900K for the support of Holden and his siblings but after an appeal, he was asked to pay $50k monthly and an additional $300K annually for child support.

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Holden Fletcher Fraser(left) and Family Photo Credit: WireImage

Holden Fraser’s mother is also a famous American actress who is famous for her appearances in movies like George of the Jungle. As he is a child of two talented parents, it anticipated that he will follow his parent’s footsteps.

Holden Fraser Net Worth

Holden Fraser has not been involved in any profession because he is still a kid. However, his father has an estimated net worth of around $ 20 million and his mother has an estimated net worth of about $175 million.


Holden Fraser was born in 2004, he is currently 15 years old.


Holden Fletcher Fraser has two siblings called, Griffin Arthur Fraser and Leland Francis Fraser.

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