“It is what the movie stands for that we have to promote and the journalist must also be abreast and know how to critique a movie,” these are the words of movie producer, Socrate Safo.

According to him, it is not common to see the media critically examining a movie, as well as, project its content to the public. This attitude he said is the major challenge the movie industry is facing.

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In an interview with GhanaWeb, Mr Safo pointed out that “The biggest challenge of cinema now is the media, those who project it. Elsewhere, you have those who will watch the movie critically and then they will project what the film stands for but here, we are only interested in highlighting or sensationalising the whole thing”.

Making reference to one of his movies, Hot Fork, he stated that it has relatable contents and there is the need for the media to promote it just as it is done in the west.

He mentioned that the media only “pick the title which is just a branch to market it and that becomes the history for a journalist. But if you are taking your time to watch a movie like hot fork, it would have been a good example of what you should discuss and that will push the film into the minds of people as to what they should look out for”.

“I’m yet to see the media highlight what a film stands for,” he stressed.

His comments were in line with the observation of the World Suicide Prevention Day celebration today.

Per the World Health Organisation reports about 3,000 people on the average commit suicide daily.

Some of the movies produced by Socrate that condemns suicidal acts include ‘Hot Fork’, ‘God is Wicked’, ‘Sexy Angel’.

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