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A couple of ghouls posed for sexy snaps in Beirut over the weekend — in front of the devastated section of city leveled by an explosion that killed at least 220 people.

The clueless woman provocatively pushed back her long blond curly hair while wearing shades, a royal-blue running bra and matching high heels along with flowered shorts that showed off her midriff for one snapshot on a bridge overlooking the carnage.

She also went behind the lens to capture her male companion striking a glamour shot, with his right hand on his sunglasses, as Lebanese flags flew near them.

Passers-by gawked in apparent astonishment at the thoughtless shutterbugs’ lack of taste.

The port of Beirut exploded Tuesday evening, sending a mushroom cloud of smoke likened to the atomic-bomb dropping at Hiroshima, as buildings were flattened by the force, instantly killing scores and trapping more in the mounds of rubble.

The disaster is believed to have been caused by an accidental fire that ignited 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate, which was being stored at a warehouse there. The lethal cargo had been taken from an impounded Russian ship six years ago — and Lebanon’s government is in crisis amid questions over why the fertilizer was allowed to remain there and whether warnings about its dangers were ignored.

The “whole goverment” either resigned or was preparing to Monday — from cabinet members to the prime minister — amid widespread protests, officials said.

Source: New York Post

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