Gary Cherone Biography; Career, Net Worth, Height And Facts About The Van Helen Star

Gary Cherone, legal name Gary Francis Caine Cherone, is a renowned American hard rock singer and songwriter.

Gary Cherone was born on July 26, 1961, in Malden, Massachusetts. He’s the youngest of five boys including his twin brother, Greg Cherone, and three other brothers. He is a product of Malden High School where he had taken an ardent interest in basketball. However, he suffered a knee injury and had to quit the sport.

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Gary Cherone Career

Gary began his music career as a teenager and was actively engaged in local singing bands. He took inspiration from the likes of Stephen Tyler, Freddy Mercury, and Roger Daltry. He co-founded a local rock music band with Paul Geary(drummer) and Matt McKay(guitarist) in 1979. The band was first named Adrenaline and was later changed to The Dream in 1981.

Gary Cherone extreme

In 1985, Gary and Paul formed a new band together with Nuno Bettencourt(bassist) and Pat Badger(guitarist). In 1989, they produced their first eponymous album, Extreme, and followed with Extreme II: Pornograffiti in 1990, both under A&M Records. The band’s subsequent project was an acoustic ballad titled More Than Words(1991). It was a great success and hit double platinum for the first time. The group disbanded shortly after Nuno Bettencourt’s departure.

Extreme bounced back in 2004 upon Gary’s return. The band embarked on a world tour in 2007 and produced two albums, Saudades de Rock  and Pornograffitti Live 25: Metal Meltdown, in 2008 and 2016 respectively.

Gary Cherone Van Helen

In 1996, Gary became the lead singer of famous American rock band, Van Halen. He was preceded by the likes of David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar, who had equally smashed Van Halen with their rich vocals. In 1998, Van Halen released their first recorded album with Gary Cherone titled, Van Halen III.  After his unsuccessful collaboration with the band, Gary eventually quit in 1999 and returned to Boston.

Gary Cherone Tribe of Judah

Following his short term at Van Halen, Gary formed a new band in Boston called Tribe of Judah. The band was well received and played a variety of gigs and shows. They successfully released an EP in 2001 and an album in 2002. Their Spitfire Records CD titled Exit Elvis was also released in 2002. They won a nomination for Outstanding New Rock Band in the Boston Music Awards.

Gary Cherone Hurtsmile

Also in  2007, Gary formed yet another rock band called Hurtsmile. It included his own brother Markus Cherone(guitarist), Joe Pessia(bassist) and Dana Spellman(drummer). They successfully released an eponymously-dubbed album in 2011, and in  2014, they produced a second album titled Retro Grenade.

Gary Cherone Net Worth

Gary Cherone has a net worth of $5 million.

Gary Cherone Height

Gary’s height is 6’1″(1.85 m)

Gary Cherone Star Sign

He belongs to the zodiac sign Leo.

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