The wife of President Buhari and first Lady of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari, has called upon President Buhari and the security forces in Nigeria to bring a halt to bloodshed in the Northern part of Nigeria.

In a new video Aisha Buhari shared, it shows a compilation of photos of president Buhari having meetings with chiefs on Twitter which took place today, 17th October.

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The video had a background song depicting the woes of the North. The title of the song is  “Arewa na Kuka’ which means ‘the North weeps’.

A lyrical session of the song says: “In the name of God, pay attention, We seek your help, The North is weeping, Our blood is being shed, Our people are being killed, Our property torched”.

Aisha also added a hashtag to the post she made on Twitter,  #AChechijamaa meaning, ‘Rescue the people’.

Take a look at the video Aisha Buhari shared:


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