A fan on social media site, Twitter, has consoled multiple winning award artiste, Davido, word of encouragement when the star nearly cried about the high exchange rate of the dollar to the Nigerian Naira.

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In a rather intriguing but funny manner, a fan on Twitter told the “If” star not to cry over the exchange because even those who are not wealthy as he is are coping.

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This consolation comes after Davido tweeted, sharing his disappointment over the dollar to naira exchange rate which is pegged at 1 dollar to N 381.00 Naira.

OBO as affectionately called disclosed that he almost cried when he saw the exchange rate. In the tweet it reads;

“Dollar don reach 500… I changed naira to dollar today and I almost cried smh this country nawa”.


One, therefore, wonders what those who are not wealthy like Davido would do if they also get the opportunity to change their currency.

However, a fan who was probably identified as Eze Michael asked Davido that if he who is rich wants to cry, what should those who are struggling do if Davido is crying.

Replying in pidgin, a local unofficial dialect of Nigeria, Eze wrote;

“Bros, if you dey cry, wetin others go do naa, things really bad as you talk am mehn”.

At least, he won’t cry for long, because Chris Brown in commemorating his 15 years in the music industry has selected the best 35 music videos which are his best throughout the period. Fortunately, appearing at number 6 was Davido’s “Blow my mind” which features the R&B star.

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