A lot of people who do not really understand the current happenings in Nigeria will be surprised that Nigerians are still vividly engaging in #EndSARS protests despite the IGP announcing that the unit has been disbanded.

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It can be recalled that just a year ago, it was also announced that SARS had been disbanded. However, it turned out to be a lie.

More so, following the disbandment of SARS, it was also announced that SWAT, a new unit had been brought in.

Yemi Alade

For many Nigerians, that decision felt like robbing Peter to pay Paul and it explains why protests are still ongoing.

And Yemi Alade has proved that she is not going to back down and has called out the government for continuously lying to its citizens.

There’s no backing down until police brutality is brought to its knees in Nigeria.

Source: ab-tc.com

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