Reno Omokri has tasked General Gowon to assemble other former leaders to speak sense to the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Reno Omokri

He said the current driver of the country is driving to the rocks and they have either change the driver or cause him to have a new attitude. He said this on his Instagram page:

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Dear General Gowon,

As the oldest living ex Nigerian leader, I urge you to gather all former Nigerian leaders, and go as a group to Aso Rock, to talk sense into General @MuhammaduBuhari. He is out of his depths. He lacks the leadership acumen to navigate Nigeria and needs your collective help after the #LekkiMassacre of Peaceful and Unarmed #EndSARS Protesters. Nigeria’s current driver is driving her to the rocks and we either need a new driver or the driver has to have a new attitude. Please intervene before it is too late.

Check the photo below:

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