Elizabeth Ashley Biography; Net Worth, Age, jewelry, Voice, Movies And Tv Shows

Elizabeth Ann Cole popularly called Elizabeth Ashley is an American actor known for playing bold and robust characters in movies. She was born August 30, 1939, in Florida to Lucille and Arthur Kingman Cole.

Elizabeth attended Louisiana State University and left after her freshman year in the school. She then joined the Neighbourhood School of Theatre where she studied acting.

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Ashley first appeared in a movie in 1969’s season episode of Love American Style and Paternity in 1981.

Elizabeth Ashley
(Photo by Mike Coppola/WireImage,)

At age 25, Elizabeth Ashley retired from acting to take care of her family. She resumed her career four years later after the birth of her son, Christian Peppard.

Elizabeth Ashley Net Worth

Elizabeth Ashley has an estimated net worth of $1 million. She acquired this from her years of working as an actress.

Elizabeth Ashley’s Age

Elizabeth Ashley was born on August 30, 1939. This shows that as of 2020, she is 81 years old.

Elizabeth Ashley’s Jewellery

Elizabeth Ashley runs a Jewellery business where she sells all types of Jewelleries online and in shops.

Elizabeth Ashley’s Voice

The Voice is a spoken word done by Elizabeth Ashley which talks about a female baritone that sounds like it has been smoked and cured by cigarettes and Southern Comfort and then sanded by life.

Elizabeth Ashley’s Movies

Elizabeth Ashley has featured on several movies including The Two Mrs Grenvilles, The Six Billion Dollar Man, Miami Vice, Caroline in the City, Mission Impossible and many others.

Elizabeth Ashley’s TV Shows

She also featured on some TV shows including Russian Doll, Treme, Hey Arnold, The Buccaneers, Touched By An Angel and many others.

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