Dr Kwame Owusu Fordjour is known for awarding dignitaries of high calibre with fake awards supposedly in the name of the United Nations, Ghana chapter.

The Dr was interviewed by Zylofon Fm and according to him, the awards he presented were genuine and that the United Nations are not likely to charge him for false pretence.

According to him, the United Nations did not do due diligence on him and his organization and that the UN had his organization name written wrongly.

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Fordjour revealed that he went to the United Nation several times but they paid no attention to what he had to say.

He said that the UN consist of you and me and not those who feel too high at the office. Below is a video of his comments;

Fordjour was asked about the disclaimer statement released by the UN and the discredit of his award scheme. He answered that they even got the name of his organization wrong.

He further challenged that those who issued the disclaimer did not do their homework well and were not even sure of whom they sent the disclaimer to.

Adding, he said that he is personally registered with the UN under several agencies and unions because he was leading some SDG’s.

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