Doug Marcaida Biography; Net Worth, Age, injury, Nationality, Military, Brother And Movies

Doug Marcaida is an American-Filipino popular martial artist and weapons combat expert. Doug is also famous for being a judge on the History Channel television show “Forged in Fire”.

The martial arts has taken over his biography leaving no traces of his date of birth, parents, siblings, wife, or children except being born in the Philippines. Doung actually began showing glimpses of becoming a great martial artist at age 8.

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Doug is a US military veteran, who served in the US Air Force for 8 years and then pursued a career as a Respiratory Therapist for 20 years. Doug is 1.73m tall.


Doug Marcaida net worth

Doug Marcaida makes money from his weapons deal with the US military, being a judge with an estimated net worth of about $300,000.

Doug Marcaida age

Doug is about 45 years old.

Doug Marcaida injury

As it comes with the job, Doug underwent a surgical procedure after sustaining a minor injury on his right arm while carrying out a test. He attributed this injury to his inability to perform specific tasks on the reality series.


Doug Marcaida nationality

Doug Marcaida is a Filipino born in the Philippines.

Doug Marcaida military

Doug has a contract with the US military to be selling sharp knives to the entire military. He is also a veteran who served in the US Air Force for 8 years.

Doug Marcaida brother

Doug has a brother called R.J who sometimes represents him when he is indisposed.

Doug Marcaida movies

Doug is not officially an actor in any movie but has coached and produced great movies in which martial arts dominated.


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