Ozo has subtly thrown shades at Kiddwaya after he mocked him on Twitter.


The duo has now taken the place of the beefing mode between their love interests, Erica Nlewedim, and Rebecca Nengi Hampson. Ozo is known as a quiet type who does not like to throw shades at others in the industry. However, for the first time, he has jumped in trolls as he sents out advice to Kiddwaya over his actions.


All this brouhaha started after Kddwaya called Ozo out and told his fans to let their boss fly them out to Dubai, so he (kiddwaya) shows them WhatsApp in town. His journey to Dubai has increased his pride as he continues to give Dubai’s diaries with his attitude. Recall Ozo also called him a clout chaser considering his recent actions on social media.

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Kiddwaya in his reply wrote:

Tell your boss to fly you out to Dubai. Let me change you and your teams’ life.

Ozo has also tweeted with a message to Erica’s lover to advise him on having a better life.

According to him,  Kiddwaya should not allow pride, hubris, and bravado to rule his life but rather, he should find a job to do and let the job speak for him.

See Ozo’s tweet below:

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