Florence Otedola’s singular action to jump into a deep ocean in while on holidays in Dubai was widely spoken about in the early hours of Monday after she shared it on Instagram.

DJ Cuppy and Femi Otedola

Dubai has been the goto destination a lot of tourists and other revellers for a couple of years now. It wasn’t unusual to see her in a few photos prior to this video enjoy some foreign breakfast in this faraway Arabian Peninsula.

The video she was captured taking a daring dip in the ocean got reactions from a lot of people including her father, Femi Otedola.

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Femi Otedola, DJ Cuppy

The dad who appeared stunned by his daughter’s bravado to make such a long Olympic-like dive reacted with a shocked emoji. He was lost for words.

Femi Otedola aka DJ Cuppy reacted to her dad’s response on this video by pleading for forgiveness from her father. A few days ago, during her birthday celebration, Femi Otedola wished her a happy birthday and added may she grow up to listen to her parents in his wish to her. This might be one of the things that she does that her parents are not pleased with.

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