DJ Arafat Biography; Top Hit Songs And Cause Of Death

Coupé-Décalé music genre legend, DJ Arafat, was born Ange Didier Houon on January 26, 1986, to singer Tina Glamour and musician cum sound engineer, Pierre Houon. DJ Arafat started his music career at age 14 in the early 2000s at a night-life district in Abidjan, Yopougon.

DJ Arafat disclosed that his stage was given to him by his Lebanese friends who saw him as a hardcore. He said the stage name took inspiration from Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. He was considered one of the most popular francophone artists. DJ Arafat had an elder brother, the famous DJ TV3. In 2005, Dj Arafat was arrested and detained in France when he was charged for ‘undocumented emigrant’.

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Top Hit Songs

DJ Arafat became a star and renowned artiste for his Coupé-Décalé genre in 2009. Some sports personalities adopted His dance steps of Coupé-Décalé which made him very popular in the United States and across Europe. BBC described him as the “king” of Coupé-Décalé, which means “cut and run”, in Ivorian slang it means “to cheat someone and run away”. Some of his popular songs are ”Dosabado, Moto Moto, Kong, Zropoto, Agbangnan, and Enfant Beni”. He won the “Best Artist of the Year” at the Coupé-Decalé Awards in 2016 and 2017.

Cause of Death

DJ Arafat liked motorcycles that he featured them one of his hit song ‘Moto Moto’. He had multiple motorcycle accidents, one of the fatal accidents occurred in 2009. DJ Arafat’s motorcycle accident in 2019 was the most fatal. On August 11, 2019, his motorcycle collided with a moving vehicle in Angre neighbourhood. He was admitted to a hospital in Abidjan for a skull fracture and on August 12, 2019, he died.


Dj Arafat performing on stage
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