CNN Anchor: Mike Galanos Biography; Net Worth, Height, Teeth, Wife

Mike Galanos is an American Journalist and News anchor for HLN at CNN based in Atlanta. He is currently appearing as part of the team Morning Express with Robin Meade.

Galanos was born on November 7, 1964, and he is of Greek origin. Galanos started his career as a cameraman, teleprompter operator, and video journalist at CNN headline News for Don Harrison and Bobbie Battista, who are news anchors at CNN in the late 1980s. He left CNN to serve as the on-air commentator and reporter for KOLO-TV.

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He then moved to CNN sports Illustrated as an anchor but end up at the Headline News as a general assignment news anchor for the network. He previously co-anchored Prime News with famous Eric Hill until Erica Hill was named the sole anchor. Galanos later returned to CNN in 2008 following the departure of Erica Hill to replace her.

Mike Galanos was the host of Prime News on HLN, a show designed to present featured stories of the day including the insight and input from viewers. On the 16th of August, 2010, Mike Galanos ceased to be the host of Prime News, it was announced on the prime news facebook account by Galanos himself.

Mike Galanos Net Worth

As of 2020, Mike Galanos Net worth was estimated close to $2 million. Galanos’ Net Worth was accumulated through his enormous salary as an anchor.


Mike Galanos the father of two sons, David Galanos and Daniel Galanos. However, Galanos has not shared any detail about his wife and whether she is alive or they have divorced.

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