Li Wenliang, a doctor who tried to warn the world about the coronavirus outbreak was murdered, an autopsy supervised by the Chinese Police has revealed.

News broke out that the doctor died after contracting the virus while treating patients in Wuhan. His death sparked widespread of public anger and grief in China which called for an independent autopsy to be conducted.

A statement by the police says six heath care officials have been arrested in connection with the doctor’s death.

The investigation was led by Li’s brother David Shangfen who is a senior Police Officer in the Hubei Province. David says investigation is ongoing and all culprits will face the law. “Li was responding to treatment and was due to be discharged in few days. So I suspected something was wrong”, David told the press.


Last December he sent a message to fellow medics warning of a virus he thought looked like Sars – another deadly coronavirus.

But he was told by police to “stop making false comments” and was investigated for “spreading rumours”.

“I don’t think he was rumour-mongering. Hasn’t this turned into reality now?” his father, Li Shuying, told the BBC. “My son was wonderful.”

According to Chinese site Pear Video, Dr Li’s wife is due to give birth in June.

The virus causes severe acute respiratory infection and symptoms usually start with a fever, followed by a dry cough.