Brahman Galanti: Biography Of Lyssa Chapman’s Ex-husband

Brahman Galanti came into the media spotlight as the ex-husband Lyssa Chapman. His ex-wife Lyssa is an American Businesswoman and TV personality.
Braham Galanti (Photo: Galanti’s twitter handle)

On July 24, 1973, Brahman Galanti was born in Hawaii, the United States to American parents. By nationality, Brahman is American and belongs to mixed ethnicity.

Sadly, the same cannot be said about his early life. There is just not enough information that could give us insight into his childhood. Similarly, the names and whereabouts of his parents are absent. The case is the same about his siblings. As for his education, there is no recorded evidence to give us legit details. But still, Galanti is believed to have undergone proper academic skills.

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Braham Galanti and wife Lyssa Chapman (Photo: Superbhub)

Brahman Galanti married Lyssa Chapman on February 20, 2009, in Oahu, Hawaii. Initially, the love birds spent quality time for some years. The couple welcomed a baby girl named Madalynn Grace Galanti. Unfortunately, after less than two years of their marriage, the couple started having several issues and troubles in their married life. Eventually, Lyssa filed for divorce in February 2011. It is heard that her ex-husband was abusive to her on multiple occasions after Beth Chapman told Lyssa filed for divorce. In 2010, he became more abusive and Lyssa ran to her father and Beth’s house in the middle of the night.

However, their relationship soon started turned sour just after two years of being married. The couple separated their ways as they have started having troubles. In February 2011, she filed for divorce in Hawaii. As per Beth Chapman, he was abusive towards her and has abused her on multiple occasions. She also kicked him out of their hose, however, he came back again in October 2010. When her family suggested her to go to police but she did not want to take the issue in the press.

Similarly, it is known that he abused her during 2010 due to which Lyssa ran to her father and Beth’s house in the middle of the night. As Brahman is private about his life he has not revealed marrying anyone. It seems like he has not remarried but Lyssa is in romantic relationship with Leiana Evensen who is a fitness trainer and also got engaged in December 2017.

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