Fake UN award organizer, Dr. Kwame Fordjour has said in an interview that rapper Sarkodie ditched this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) for his.

Dr. UN says the rapper made this decision because he convinced him in their previous conversations that his award will make a greater impact on him, society and humanity as compared to what VGMA would offer.

In an interview with Adom FM, Dr. UN touted his award scheme as credible and one that has international recognition.

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Talking on the supposed water bottles he gave to the awardees, Dr. UN said what he gave Sarkodie wasn’t a water bottle but a special flask made of Gold.

He was not ready to open-up on the amount he spent on this project owning his reasons to the fact that he orders his award plaque in bulk so it is difficult to tell the price of each plaque.

He also disputed claims that he has mental issues stating that: “If I am mad, then Sarkodie is also mad”.

Listen to him speak below:

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