Ruth Kadiri, has hit back hard at her colleague actor, Adaeze Eluke, for blaming some celebrities for the deaths of protestors at the Lekki tollgate shooting.

Adaeze Eluke, shared her sentiments on the cause of the recent Lekki tollgate shooting incident. She expressed herself on her Instagram page, saying celebrities are to take full responsibility for the incident.

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She further stated that the actors who supported the protests secretly fled, leaving the protestors at the tollgate in Lekki.

Responding to her comments, Ruth Kadiri, asked Adaeze to be wise enough not to point fingers at anyone in particular for this incident as lives have been lost and the country is still in a state of trauma.

Kadiri proceeded to jab at Adaeze, asking her to make effort to participate in the protests and not sit at home pointing accusing fingers at others who made time to go support the protesters.



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