Destiny Amaka has shared instances when she used to spend very long hours thinking and pondering over issues she  didn’t have control over.

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And owing to that, she has advised her fans to strengthen their faith in God to the extent that they wouldn’t have to get upset if things are not going their way.

It was quite a lengthy post filled with worthwhile advice and her experiences. See below:

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Be so confident about Gods plan that you don’t even get upset anymore when things don’t go your way…💖 You should’ve seen me last night trying to fix things I have no control over😂 my brain working overtime😂🤣 when it was evident that I had no control I smiled and remembered that my life is in Gods hands, I’m confident he wants me to win more then I do….and with that confidence I slept like a baby knowing he’s ways are better then mine😁 epistle I know but just had to share, in case anyone reading is trying to make shit happen by their own force and might lol Nna chill. Not by might or power ooo. Present the matter to God, remind him daily and move on, the answer will come, it will all fall together somehow lol till then we give God praise. Oh and one more thing I discovered, we lack faith in our prayers. You can’t confidently pray about something and worry at the same time. Las las I be like David, I go disturb God taya to have my way, but when they come back n tell me say the thing never work I go sidown and ask my people for food make I chop😌… #Childofdestiny #ICKMS #amakisskiss #newday #legooo #HaveABeautifulDay ❤️

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