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Neo has advised Laycon to forget about his crush Erica because she has made herself clear enough by choosing Kiddwaya over him.

This was after Erica snubbed Laycon to pick Kiddwaya has the deputy to her position as Head of House.

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This she did despite her claim that Laycon has a good mentality.

However, when it came to a situation where the mentality is needed, she decided to pick Kiddwaya who has a physique she once wished had Laycon’s mentality.

Shortly after Erica made her decision, Neo walked up to Laycon to console him.

He advised him to move on and remember why he’s in the BBNaija house.

He said, “Access the situation from sunday to now.

She had made her decision already.

“I want you to be focused, this is a game. You are a people’s person and you can always talk to me.

“Never be alone, always hang around people, especially those that like you.”

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