Last night, Vee left Laycon shocked after she told him, former housemates, Erica and Kiddwaya had sex in the house whiles they were there, and she had walked in on them before.

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This came up when Vee and Laycon were discussing what they thought evicted housemates would be doing at the time, to which Vee said she was sure Kidd was ‘knacking’ Erica.

When Laycon asked if that is all she thinks they will be doing whiles they are out, Vee responded saying, that is what they were doing inside the house anyways.

Surprised, Laycon asked if she was sure and that is when she made the shocking revelation to Laycon saying, she had even walked in on them before. She was about to narrate an incident to him then said, he might not even remember.

When Laycon asked repeatedly if they did ‘the real thing’, she added that, she had even heard things in the night like they were doing it, and Laycon asked if she was sure. But she responded saying, if they were not, then whatever they were doing was pretty close to it.

I’ve heard somethings in the night…and if it’s not sex, then it’s f**king close to it“, she said.

Erica and Kiddwaya having sex in the house is however not so much of a shock as it will be recalled, Erica revealed to one of the housemates before that, she and Kiddwaya had sex at the Head of House room.

Watch Vee and Laycon’s the whole conversation below

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