Vee has revealed to Laycon that she can’t wait to get into a sexual escapade with her lover, Neo after both of them have left the house.

She told Laycon whilst they were having a conversation last night. She vowed that she will do all the things she could not do with Neo in public.

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The two lovers, Neo and Vee have tried their best to keep themselves from having sex on national television.

But Vee has revealed that she plans on having sex with Neo in public!

“Like play, we have only 9 days left in this place. Oh my God! Neo, your life’s over when we leave this place…” she said.

Laycon who was surprised by Vee’s response asked for clarification saying;

 “What! Did you just say his life is over with you or what?”

Vee responded,

“[I said] his life is over when we leave this place.”

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