Housemates, Dorathy and Trikytee, had a bitter altercation in the house on Thursday night following their Indomie task.

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Dorathy, complained about not having a heads up about the toppings of the meal during the Indomie ‘Guess the recipe’, task, but Trickytee wasn’t having it.

He shut her down, saying everyone got some money from the challenge anyways, so there was no need for her to complain, tagging her as a ‘sore loser.’

Everyone still got money so why are you angry? If anyone is angry they should try cooking and see if they would make that amount of money easily”, he said.

I’m not like you, you are a sore loser,” he added.

Dorathy fumed over his utterances and warned him not to disrespect her.

You know I didn’t come here insulting you so you don’t have the right to call me a sore loser. Respect yourself,” she angrily said.

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