Former Big Brother Naija season 3 housemate, Leo DaSilva has opined that young men who have refused the burden of being in a relationship with jobless women have made the smart choice.

Leo DaSilva

The reality TV star made the disclosure via Twitter whiles replying to a lady who felt offended by some tweets from guys which pointed out that they cannot go into a relationship with a lady who is not financially stable.

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Expressing her own dissatisfaction with the said tweets, the lady identified as Wendy Osuji added that what ladies want must not make sense to men because it is a choice.

She wrote:

 I’ve seen tweets from guys saying they can’t date a girl that’s not financially stable.

I’m a student. But never, like never have I felt attacked by such tweets.

What’s actually up with some guys on Twitter? What I want must not make sense to you. It’s a choice boo.


In reaction to Wendy’s post, Leo argued that guys should also be allowed to have their own preferences when it comes to dating just like women also have. According to him, dating someone without adequate finances in a poverty-stricken country like Nigeria is a burden.

In his own words;

Guys should have their own preferences just as women have theirs. Dating someone that’s not working or doesn’t have adequate allowance is a burden. Nigeria, the poverty capital of the world, if a young man trying to come up refuses that burden, I think it’s a smart choice.


See his post below:


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