Well, Erica has been the bad girl of the house since day one but it’s no doubt the house will be as boring as hell without her.

She has been involved in every single controversy in the house and no matter how much the inmates will hate to admit it, the house won’t be the same without her.

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Erica went to the extent of threatening to make life miserable for Laycon. She even went as far as threatening to kill him once they meet outside the Big Brother house. Fuuny right? These two make a perfect pair.

Many were expecting Biggie to take an action tonight and it has finally happened as Erica becomes the first head of the house to be disqualified from the BBNaija show.

Erica wasn’t evicted from the BBNaija 2020 house like the other members but she was disqualified from the house for breaking the house rules.

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