Erica, known as ‘Baby G’, was last week’s head of house and unfortunately, the road ended for her for threatening the life of her fellow housemate, Laycon.

Before the incident at the house party, she already disrespected Prince who was then deputy head of house by spilling water on the side of his bed.

She had two strikes and was warned by Biggie.

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Prior to her disqualification, she confronted Nengi about her relationship with Kiddwaya.

Nengi told Erica she met Kiddwaya first and if she so wanted, she would have dated Kiddwaya.

It didn’t sit well with Erica and she probably transferred the anger to  Laycon where she abused him and threatened his life.

It was the height of it. See below the article that  spoke against Erica’s threat to end Laycon’s life:

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