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He was a polite young man who doted on his younger siblings — and now Adones Betances, 22, is locked up without bail and facing up to 25 years in prison for the cruel stabbing and burning death of his little sister’s teen suitor.

Betances was arraigned and ordered remanded in Bronx Criminal Court on Friday on second degree murder and manslaughter.

On his dying breath, victim Winston Ortiz fingered Betances as his killer, according to his criminal complaint.

Video surveillance also implicates Betances, the complaint said.

Ortiz, 18, had been dating Betances’ 14-year-old sister, law enforcement sources have told The Post. The girl had broken the relationship off on Wednesday.

Then, on Wednesday afternoon, Betances and Ortiz had a planned meeting on the fifth floor of a Highbridge building near where both young men lived, sources said.

There, Betances allegedly stabbed Ortiz twice in the back and once in the chest. He then allegedly doused the dying teen with gasoline and set him ablaze.

The vicitim’s horrifying screams alerted neighbors, who doused the flames with buckets of water.

Ortiz was able to tell cops at the scene that Betances was to blame. The bleeding, badly burned teen was then pronounced dead at Harlem Hospital.

Betances, who lost his scooter-delivery job due to the pandemic, was a respectful, quiet young man — and a good big brother, shocked neighbors said Friday.

“When he saw me, he’d say, ‘Hi neighbor!’” one recalled.

Betances ran errands for the family, helped out with his younger siblings, and would apologize to the downstairs neighbors when they got too rambunctious and noisy, they said.

The romance between his little sister and Ortiz was known in the neighborhood.

“A pretty little thing, too,” a downstairs neighbor said of the sister.

“I see them at the corner doing their thing – kissing and holding hands. Then she would carry her ass on in and he’d go. She never brought him inside.”

Now, Betances’ mother “is crying,” and his niece “is devastated,” the girl’s uncle, Edward Guzman, told The Post.

“She stays away from the news,” Guzman said. “It’s like she doesn’t want to be reminded of what happened.”

As for his nephew, “This whole thing is like a nightmare,” he said.

“I don’t know why he did it. I don’t know if I can accept that he did that type of thing. That’s the opposite of who he is.”

Source: New York Post

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