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Akothee and Cebbie.

Popular Kenyan singer cum businesswoman Esther Akoth better known as Akothee, recently took to social media to share her nuggets of wisdom concerning sibling relationships.

In the lengthy post shared on Instagram, Akothee stated that sibling rivalry did not exist and that people only used that word to cover up an already existing jealously. The mother of five wished she had an older sibling she could run to whenever she was down.

“Treat them the same way you would treat your own mother, there is nothing like sibling rivalry, it’s a cover up for jealousy, never try to compete with someone who is older than you. They are still your seniors I wish I had an older sister that could cuddle me and tell me all will be okay, one that would help me sort out my bills when things are thick, one that my children can visit and I feel well, my own kids are good in my mom’s hands,” she began by saying.

Akothee went on to warn younger netizens against taking advantage of their older siblings and expecting to be forgiven continuously. She urged that they should instead start taking care of themselves and find a way to give back to their siblings to nurture them and see them through life no matter their financial status. 

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“But if your sisters does motherly things to you, and you keep hurting her, and expect her to always forgive and take you back as usual I am sorry, time changes and people grow up once you grow up, please pick up yourself and start taking care of your sister the same way you would take care of your own mother when they are old and when they need you, you can’t just be a taker always, givers also get tired.

Akothee and Cebbie.

“Give back a hand to those who saw you grow. If your elderly sister saw you through education and now you are working, please, shop for her if not every month, then at least 2 times a year, surprise her even if she is rich or stable, buy her small things like, Dera, lesos, cloths (by the way, rich people appreciate gifts, not because they can’t buy, but simply because, someone has thought about them),” she wrote.

The social media sensation went on to caution against constant betrayal, saying that the older sibling might decide to turn their backs and walk away for good.

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“There is only amount of pain sisters / siblings can bring for you, and they keep treating it as its normal. Remember this is not someone who gave birth to you, they might turn their back forever and its human. If you keep allowing people to hurt you and come back in the name of family, I am sorry, you keep hurting yourself,” added Akothee.

Akothee’s life lessons comes a few days after her younger sister acknowledged that she hurt her and explained that they had talked and put the past behind them.

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