Agnes Hailstone Biography; Net Worth, Age, Art Work, Kids, And Tattoo

Agnes Hailstone is a TV star and the wife of Chip Hailstone, a famous TV star of the show, “Life Below Zero”. Agnes was born on 14 June 1972 in Noorvik, Alaska, in the U.S.A. where she is currently residing with her husband and children.

Agnus was born on the same day when Hurricane Agnes invaded the US, 14 June 1972, and she was named after the Hurricane. She was born with the Gemini birth sign and she is a caucasian. Agnes Hailstone’s fame was as a result of her starring in the popular TV series, “Life Below Zero.”

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Screenshot – Chip Rescues Agnes | Life Below Zero

Agnes Hailstone’s hunting experience was inherited from her family who are all hunters by profession. She began to hunt and set traps for animals at an early age in the wilderness in Alaska. Agnes is holding a diploma which she received from schooling in the house in 1990.

Agne Hailstone became popular when she was featured on the popular TV series “life below zero” on 13 May 2013 alongside her husband. Agnes has created a Kavik River camp to house all those who wish to experience life in the wilderness. She also supports a lot of needy children and those who might not afford to stay at her camp.

Agnes Hailstone Net Worth

Agnes has an estimated net worth of $100,000 which she was able to accumulate through her career as a TV star and from her Kavik River Camp.

Agnes Hailstone Age

Agnes Hailstone was born on 14 June 1972 and she is 48 years old as of the year 2020.

Agnes Hailstone Kids

Agnes Hailstone is currently having 7 kids, two boys from her former marriage and five girls from her current marriage with Chip Hailstone. The names of her two sons are  Douglas and Jon, and the names of her daughters are Tinmiaq, Iriqtaq, Mary, Caroline, and Qutan.

Agnes Hailstone Tattoo

Agnes Hailstone tattoo |

Agnes Hailstone has a tattoo on her chin, which she received from her family when she entered puberty as a sign of maturity. The Tattoo is only given to people who show signs of maturity such as hard work and seriousness.

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