The United Nations Children’s Fund has disclosed that about 57% of children in the country do not have a birth certificate.

During training for some health personnel in 21 local governments in Anambra State, Child protection specialist Victor Atuchukwu stated that it is very essential for every child to have a birth certificate as it helps them possess vital information of their birth.

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“It is the right of every child to have a birth certificate, but many parents did not consider it important. Without birth certificate, time would come when the child would discover that he or she had no official record of vital information.”

Also speaking at the training, Director of the National Population Commission in the state, Joachim Ulasi mentioned that, the state lacks enough human resource to help with the registration of births.

“We just have 148 registration centres, comprising 21 controllers who are deputy chief registrars for the 21 local government areas. If they are removed from the 148, we are left with 127, which are located in health facilities throughout Anambra State. This number is not enough. We have 181 autonomous communities and we need at least one centre in each community while the large communities should have two or more.”

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