Ada Aniwetalu, a Nigerian woman who was born disabled has been graced by a church committee in Anambra state by gifting her with a three-bedroom bungalow.

The committee which is led by Archbishop Valerian Okeke added a scholarship to the house of the 21 years old lady to help her achieve her dreams.

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Her determination and hard work to make it in life, despite her disability are what triggered the church organization to help her attain what she desires to be.

Rev. Fr. Emeka Arror, in an interview with’s Victor Duru, the Chancellor of Onitsha Ecclesiastical Archidiocese, who served as a representative for Archbishop Valerian Okeke, explained the grounds for the decision taken.

He said;

“The Archbishop was even surprised that his charitable deed leaked to the media because he wanted to do all those things secretly. He never wanted anybody to know and so he is not comfortable at all it leaked to the media. “We didn’t call any media house on the day the house was opened, maybe private individuals who came used their phones to take pictures and then made their reports.

“The Archbishop says this is a charity he did for what he believes in. You don’t do charity and begin to publicize it. I remember the Bible says, “let your left hand not know what your right hand is doing”. “This is the principle of the Archbishop and as such he is indisposed to discussing it with any media neither do I. “We also need to protect the privacy of this young girl – the young girl which he decided to help.”

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