Making your home “Heaven On Earth” does not mean you building mansions or acquiring the whole wealth on earth, rather it simply means living happily with your partner with the little you have.

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Yes!!, Having a nice House, buying classy cars, making some cool money are good in marriage but not really the most important. 95% of couples out there are living in hell, reason is that they failed to attend the most important things which bring happiness into home.

What are those things that make a happy home???..Now, for easy understanding I would like to take them one after the other:

1. Know your partner’s love language:

Understanding your partner’s love language is imperative in marriage. It actually stands as a pillar. So, does your partner show their love for you through giving and service, or do they value quality time?. Everyone has a different love language. Happy couples use this information to their advantage by understanding their partner’s loving behaviors.

2. Avoid arguing in front of others:

To be frank, arguing in public as a couple is quite embarrassing. As a couple, you need not to argue in front of other people, not even your kids.Try as much as you can to calm down, take a deep breath and walk away. This will give you a few moments to calm down fully and think about your words before you confront your partner. Having good conflict management skills is imperative to a happy marriage.

3. Appreciate each other:

Another way to stay happy as a couple is when you two appreciate each other. Do you know reciprocating or appreciating
someone makes them feel good about what they do? It actually motivates!.
Despite the fact that your spouse knows about your appreciation from your heart, it is still very important to verbalise it. Don’t just hope your spouse knows that he or she is appreciated, Say it.
Happy married couples voice their appreciation for their partner. For instance, saying things like these; “I Love what you did…thank you for helping me bath the kids,” or “Thank you for cooking dinner every night. It tastes delicious!”. We do so many small things  throughout the day that it feels so good to feel appreciated! Say something that will bring a smile to your partner’s face.

4. Taking a walk together:

A stroll with your spouse can give you some uninterrupted time to catch up on life, to talk about things both big and small and everything in between.

While strolling, you can have meaningful discussions on your walk, but I would encourage you not to use it as a time to address tough issues with your spouse just.

Your walks may not be the most earth-shattering thing you do as a couple, but the cumulative effect of those times together will make a lasting impact. Many years from now, you may very well appreciate that one-on-one time with your spouse.

5. Cooking for each other:

Last but not the least, cooking a meal for your partner is more than just satisfying the stomach’s cravings. It is a gesture of love and care, because you think about each other’s sustenance.
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