Up and coming beauty influencer Ethan Peters a.k.a ‘Ethan is Supreme’ has sadly died from from an apparent drug overdose – according to his closest pal.

Peters is said to have passed away this weekend from an apparent overdose of what might be Percocet (an opioid).

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According to his best friend and musician Ava Louise, the guy had an addiction that he developed over the past couple of years. In a twitter post saying how heartbroken she was, Ava said she wished she knew how bad his addiction was.

Ava went on to mourn his death in several Twitter posts, describing his addiction as being fueled by fame at a young age. She said he cried out for help, but tragically it didn’t prevent his death.

She also took the opportunity to lend a helping hand to anyone else struggling with addiction, posting phone numbers to hotlines and saying the disease ‘shouldn’t be shamed’, but rather discussed openly so folks can get the help they need before it’s too late.

Tributes have poured in from the beauty and YouTube community of how devastated they are about the death of their late friend who was just getting his feet wet in the biz.
Ethan had upwards of 500k followers on IG, and was steadily growing his fan base with makeup tutorials and fashion line shoots.

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